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On the outside of the FentonWorks building it looks like business as usual. On the outside.

Inside the building is a different story. The common areas look like they've been cleaned within an inch of their lives. Any ghost-hunting paraphernalia that was left laying around has been put away for the time being; better that it stays out of curious hands. There's a buffet of various snack foods laid out on the island in the kitchen. On the table in the dining room is a sheet cake (chocolate, of course) with the words "Happy 18th Birthday Danielle" written in blue icing on the white frosting. There's another cake for Danny but it's still in the freezer; ice cream cakes do have a tendency to melt if left out too long.

And where's the birthday girl in all of this? Up in her bedroom, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their, *ahem* 'out-of-town' guests.
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OOC: [from here]

"This is the worst vacation ever."
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Pushing a sweater out of the way, Dani walks through her closet/door to Milliways and into her bedroom. She stops and looks over her shoulder behind her.

"You coming?"
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It's a bittersweet day as, with the help of her new family, Dani moves all of her belongings out of her Milliways apartment and into her new quarters at Fenton Works. Each possession she uncovers and packs away brings back memories, mostly happy but some sad.

And then, of course, are the ones that she's not sure she'll be able to explain to Jack and Maddie...
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It had been Sam's suggestion - her insistence, really - that the Fenton family (plus three) stop off at some warm location before returning to Amity Park. Fortunately everyone else had had as much of the Antarctic temperatures as she had, so there were no objections to a brief stop off in Chile on their way home.

Standing on the beach and watching the sunset, Dani still finds it hard to wrap her head around. She associated herself with Amity Park solely because Danny was there (then later because of Vlad because someone had to keep an eye on the fruit loop), but for the past two years "home" had meant Milliways. Eating meals down in the bar, being subjected to sudden wardrobe changes on holidays or for other reasons, training outside...being able to see Enzo whenever she wanted (or as often as his schedule would allow).

They hadn't even returned to Amity Park or begun moving her things out yet, but already Dani finds herself feeling homesick for Milliways.
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It's a pissed off female halfa that steps through the Milliways entrance to Amity Park.

Her world is in danger. Her city is in danger (although, technically, she lives in Milliways). Her friends are in danger. Her family is in danger. Danny is being an idiot, and is in danger.

And they think she's going to stay behind in Milliways while all of this is going on?

Obviously, they don't know Dani Phantom too well, do they?
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There's a wide grin on Dani's face as she and Enzo - both in ghost mode and both invisible - pass through her door and into Amity Park.

(There's also a flock of butterflies loose in her stomach, but we won't talk about them)

"Well, here we are!" she exclaims quietly. "Welcome to Amity Park!"
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Dani's decided to hang out in her bedroom today, rather than going down to the Bar.

No special reason.
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Dani stands nervously in the room that holds Ray's digitizing laser. She feels like a hundred butterflies have been turned loose in her stomach, laid eggs which hatched into caterpillars which then turned into butterfiles. After all this time spent worrying, she's finally going to be cured.


She looks over at Danny.

"You ready?"

Is her voice really that shaky?


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